About us

Who We Are and what do we do?

AppleHub was founded in 2017 by a group of computer and electronic device technicians with view of offering dedicated phone and tablet repair services to consumers and businesses, since then AppleHub now shares a store location in the Hailsham high street offering a good old fashioned brick and mortar store for all your repair needs.


We are obsessed about gadgets. We are those guys that always have the latest smartphone and know whats coming up next.

We fix all kinds of electronic devices whether you’re a secret agent who jumped out of a plane and forgot that your iPhone 7 was in your pocket so it took a painful journey to the ground without a parachute, or you just dropped yours in the toilet.


Repairs with a warranty

All parts and labour that we provide are covered by a minimum 90-day warranty with our iPhone repairs covered for 12 Months.


Customer support

We take customer support seriously, we strive to offer the best service possible and to go the extra mile for our customers.

Phone repair

Great prices with great quality

We offer the best possible price while maintaining quality parts and workmanship rest assured that you are getting great repair.

Quickly arrange a repair

Contact us today most of the time we can have you up and running the same day.


General Repair – Devices repaired by AppleHub will include a minimum 90-day warranty for parts and/or services used from the date of completion of the service. Exceptions to this are listed below.

Special Repair – Notwithstanding issues arising subsequent to repair or assessment, AppleHub will not be liable for the refund of any deposits or monies paid in the event that a device is proven to have sustained impact damage, liquid damage and/or is a dead device as detailed below.

Devices found to have sustained liquid or impact damage, and devices deemed ‘dead on arrival’ (DOA), will not be covered by the minimum standard 90-day AppleHub Warranty part and/or service warranty.

Liquid Damage: Where evidence of moisture, whether caused by liquid, solid or gas, is apparent on or within the device.

Impact Damage: Where evidence of physical damage caused by external force is apparent on or within the device.

General Terms and Conditions

If AppleHub proceeds with a repair as per communications with you (the customer), you will be liable for paying for the service in full and/or the minimum service charge.

In the event that you have not collected a repaired or un-repaired device from us after multiple contact/contact attempts AppleHub reserves the right to Discard or recycle devices after 6 months.

AppleHub will not be held liable for phones lost or damaged in transit by courier.

AppleHub will not be liable for any data loss occurring during the repair of your device. Every care will be taken to prevent this where possible.

AppleHub will not be held responsible for any damage to the item I have left with them. Not all repairs will be successful you will be advised of this.